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by Ron and Kathleen Fox on Constructive Design
"Obviously very happy and pleased" 6 Projects Completed! " All the work has been superb"

Please let this serve as a letter of recommendation and a thank you to Constructive Design Inc. and Dan Rummo for all the work that was completed in our home between 2012 and 2017. We had four (4) major projects and two (2) lesser projects completed:1. Installation of eleven (11) new wooden Marvin Windows (including a large bow window). We replaced all of our old vinyl windows that leaked, had mold, and were warped. The original windows had not been installed properly.2. Renovation of our main bathroom (and updating our half bathroom) which involved a full gut down to studs and updating of 90% of existing plumbing to all applicable codes.3. Replaced and installed attic insulation.4. Renovation of our old 60’s kitchen which required a full gut and design.5 & 6. Renovation of two (2) bedrooms including removal of wallpaper, remediation of mold, skim coating the walls, painting, new electrical receptacles and new carpeting.We have an upcoming small project of replacing the front and rear storm doors.We were obviously very happy and pleased with the first project that we have not hesitated to use Dan and Constructive Design Inc. on any project we decide to do in our home. All the work has been superb. Never having done major renovations Dan took all our wants and needs into consideration and helped design and choose everything from layout, materials, fixtures, appliances, etc. He also gave us many ideas and options and showed plenty of patience being that we are older and stuck in the “old world”. He introduced us to a new, more modern and functional lifestyle which we appreciate.Speaking on a personal note Dan is ethical, extremely professional, respectful, honest, warm and educated. It’s evident he’s a perfectionist and expects only the best in his work and nothing less.We highly recommend Dan and Constructive Design Inc. for any home repair or renovation. They are extremely respectful, protective and neat with the rest of your home and all its contents.In the future we plan on redoing our living-dining rooms and of course Dan and Constructive Design Inc. will be doing the project.Sincerely,Ron and Kathleen Fox

by RonaldHHuetter on Constructive Design
Dan Rummo of Constructive Design is a consummate professional in his field.

Mr. Dan Rummo of Constructive Design is a consummate professional in his field. This is the second and third construction projects he has done for me. Why did I hire him to take on these two projects? Because I could see from the first one (he completely rebuilt my chimney some years ago) that this is a man who, when he does a job, does it right; he is not satisfied until each step of the process is completed to his and the customer's satisfaction, and his standards are high. This recent job involved his building two completely customized, one-of-a-kind, storage sheds for me; a larger one for my bigger tools and garden equipment, along with a separate mini-shed to house my generator. While I knew approximately how I wanted the two sheds to be constructed, I did not know enough about construction to be able to give him the details, and there is where Mr. Rummo's ability to improvise on the job proved invaluable, enabling me to trust in Mr. Rummo's judgment based on his long and extensive experience. Moreover, he came each day promptly at the time he had indicated he would, worked from the beginning to the end of each day wasting no time, left a clean worksite at the end of each day, and kept careful cost records of the time and materials involved. In summary, I would not hesitate to call on him again should I be in need of someone to do construction work on my property.

Fantastic Experience

We used Danny for a number of small projects that needed to be finished before we listed our house. He was referred by a friend and we are very happy with the work. He was punctual, friendly and did great work for a good price. I highly recommend Constructive Design and would use them again in the future.

by Christine McLoughlin on Constructive Design
"Did an Amazing Job." "Thorough and detail oriented" "Trusted"

Dan remodeled my kitchen and did an amazing job. Very thorough and detail oriented. My family has dust allergies and he made sure the work area was kept clean and even assisted when my floors were done by another company. He went above and beyond, a pleasure to work with! I trusted him in my home and knew he would treat it like his own. Thanks Dan!

by Lynn & Peter Parks on Constructive Design
"Dan came to our rescue when our home was flooded by Superstorm Sandy"

Dan came to our rescue when our home was flooded by Superstorm Sandy. Constructive Design completed the restoration of our home. Dan Rummo was totally involved with the process from start to finish. The work was done professionally & was completed in as timely a fashion as could be under some financial constraints. Dan was most helpful in the redecorating of our home & he was instrumental in assisting with bathroom & kitchen materials as well as decorative design ideas & details. Dan Rummo is very knowledgeable in ALL aspects of construction which was what we needed during our time of need.

by Donna Auletta on Constructive Design
Quality Workmanship

Hi Dan,You did spot on meticulous work. I appreciate that you left the work areas so clean each day. It was also a pleasure to work with you and I would gladly refer you to anyone needing any of the services you perform. Thank you for your professionalism and quality workmanship.Thanks!

by Peter & Eileen Potenza on Constructive Design
The only contractor we will ever use for any jobs we need done in the future

We were referred to Danny several years ago from a friend when we needed a new roof and front stoop. The roof was old and was leaking and the stoop was falling apart. His professionalism yet friendly way was immediately apparent and put my husband and I at ease, which was the reason we chose him for the job. He inspected the roof and explained to us thoroughly what had happened and why it was leaking. The job involved completely removing the old roof and replacing some rotted plywood. The roof came out beautiful and most importantly, no more leaks! Also worth mentioning, he was trustworthy in our home and performed an impeccable clean up around our yard. He did such a good job we had him come back the following year because we needed our second floor deck off of our bedroom rebuilt. It was old and in a state of disrepair, Danny designed the deck, was very patient and helpful and worked with us through various changes until we had what we wanted. The deck involved a permit and a variance, as well as a discontent tenant that we had. Danny not only helped us deal with the town but did a gracious job of handling the tenant’s moods and poor attitude. As a side note, he also helped advise us and even drafted a letter for us to help us begin the eviction of that tenant! Despite the challenges of this deck, he did a wonderful job! His work ethic and true dedication to his craft is admirable. The deck is still in perfect shape and we never had any problems with it or any other work he performed. We know if we had, he would have been back here immediately to fix it. The following year we called on him again to install a new back door for us, which again, he met with perfection. He always makes sure that the customer is 100% happy with his work before he leaves, something you don’t see too often these days. I would highly recommend Danny and Constructive Design, Inc. for any home improvement project. As far as I’m concerned, he is the only contractor we will ever use for any jobs we need done in the future. He is not only our contractor, but we have considered him our friend since the end of the very first project!

by Nikki Thaw on Constructive Design
Outstanding Job

Andy and I wanted to formally thank you for the outstanding job you did in our home. The basement came out so well! It is now a pleasure to go down there. That hallway ceiling was a challenge, which you met with perfection. I appreciated your patience, attention to detail and trustworthiness. Thanks for your referral for the carpet people, also. I think the carpet is too nice for the basement, but the price was really low for such quality that I couldn’t pass it up.

It felt good to be able to go to work knowing that I could trust you in the house and with the dog, too! That’s not easy to find, especially because our contacts are all in Nassau and we know almost no one here in Suffolk.

by Emanuel Corallo on Constructive Design
"Fantastic Renovation Work" "Best Work Ethics"

Dan Rummo is responsible for the complete gut and renovations in my home in West Islip, NY. The renovations included: all new Andersen windows, new roof with skylights, custom interior doors and trim work, a beautiful entry door with sidelites and half-moon transom above, complete rewiring of the entire home, new 200 amp electric service upgrade, designing of a custom master bedroom suite with walk-in closet and accent lighting, a soundproof recording studio, new kitchen, new plumbing and heating, refinished the stairs and new railings, repaired and refinished our hardwood flooring and also built us a beautiful custom shed in the backyard and outside lighting for our patio.Mr. Rummo has been courteous, on time, fair and has the best work ethics as does the sub-contractors he uses. He makes sure the job is done right. I am extremely happy with the job he did and would recommend him to anyone.

by Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Fox on Constructive Design
I actually missed them when they were gone

First speaking on a personal note Daniel Rummo is extremely professional, honest, warm and educated. He not only gives you a very detailed estimate but he explains it to you verbally, the “why’s and how’s” of what he is doing and planning on doing. He has a great deal of knowledge of what the problem is and the very proper way to correct the problem and/or get rid of the problem and how to proceed to make it better so that you do not have the problem anymore and to prevent things from happening. He takes pride in his work and his men’s work. He does not settle for second best not even first, he wants to go beyond; a couple of times we would say something is good for us but he was not satisfied and took the time and energy to go a step further to his satisfaction because he only wants to give you his very best and will not settle for less. You know if he is doing it, the job will be done the right way - no short cuts even on things that he could get away with he will not do that.
The first job was the installation of all new windows (11) including a big bow window. We picked out all wood Marvin Windows with the guidance of Mr. Rummo. Our old vinyl windows were in bad shape especially the bow window which had leaks, mold and was warped. Originally it had not been installed properly. My husband was quite concerned because of what happened with the leaking and mold. Mr. Rummo knew immediately what the problem was and corrected everything and installed the new window the very proper way. He anchored the new window, corrected the warped interior wall without ruining my wallpaper. A special note, if you have Marvin windows installed and Marvin doesn’t install them, they must send a representative to inspect the installation of them prior to trimming them out, (sealing them and installing the moldings). The representative said that the windows were installed as one of the best he’s ever seen.
The second job was a major renovation of our main bathroom. It had to be completely demolished. We also had 90% of our entire homes’ plumbing replaced which included our downstairs ½ bathroom and laundry room. In addition, we replaced basement walls and ceiling - major work. Everything that was installed and replaced was all done to code, rules and regulations. I had put off having a new bathroom but we had to do it as there was a leak that was causing mold - so there were many jobs to be done before actually getting to the bathroom. Well the bathroom is so absolutely beautiful, comfortable and so very relaxing. We just love it! Just knowing what is behind these walls and seeing the way it was constructed behind the scenes - the work, the preparation, the proper moisture barriers, insulation installed, plumbing, everything calculated to be exact- even measured the position and height of safety bars, (grab bars), for older people and height of medicine cabinet/mirrors, etc. to what was good for me personally. They were in our home for many weeks and it was quite comfortable having them around. They were always very friendly, warm, polite and extremely neat. They were aware of my needs and whatever I had to do - walking through where they were working, if I had to walk my dog outside, do laundry, etc. They worked very hard to allow me to keep my normal routine. Even with all the plumbing work I was never left too long without doing laundry and without water. They left me every night with my house in shape so that my dog could walk around and I could cook etc. They vacuumed and moved things around so I could function. They used this unbelievable plastic throughout the area that protected my carpeting and was safe to walk on and my dog to run on. They also totally protected my new window in the bathroom and we also have a beautiful stained door that they protected too.
As part of Constructive Design, Inc. being a full service contractor, Dan Rummo guided and helped us design and choose all the necessary items and materials from the design of the tiles, to the color of the paint and gave us many ideas and options. My neighbor was having her bathroom remodeled at the same time from one of those contractors that promise to do everything in a very short period of time. There is a good reason for this; she had no guidance in selecting anything, nor did they replace any of the old plumbing. They just connected all the new fixtures to the old existing plumbing. She came to me, looked at our job and said she was getting nothing like the craftsmanship we were receiving. She even asked Danny for his opinion on certain things.
My husband even opted to have them replace and install all the attic insulation while they were there.
It was a pleasure to have them here. They were all very eager to please us and do the best job. They were very proud to do the work for you and happy when we were happy. I actually missed them when they were gone. We were and are so happy with the previous work that we are already in the process of having Mr. Rummo and Constructive Design, Inc. remodel our 1960’s kitchen.

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