Bathroom Remodeling in Deer Park, NY

The bathroom is among the most commonly remodeled rooms of a home that require changes and renovations. However, with all of the fixtures, plumbing and electric that should be updated and changed, bathroom remodeling can also be a large undertaking.

At Constructive Design Inc., we believe that a well remodeled bathroom is not just about the design…functionality and what’s behind-the-walls also contributes greatly.

Many bath remodels are done by connecting new fixtures to existing plumbing and existing wiring, we highly discourage this. Many old drains are made of steel and cast iron, are over 50 years old, are degraded and or on their way to exceeding their life expectancy. We’ve seen countless remodels where the existing plumbing was left and now homeowners have leaks, slow or stopped up drains. (See Photos below) Oftentimes the remedy is to rip out the new remodel, change out the plumbing and remodel again. On the electric side, older homes were not wired to use all of the small appliances and lighting we use today and fall short of today’s electric code. Many people have breakers that trip when a hair dryer or curling iron is used or flickering lights.

Most people do not have an exhaust fan. Today’s bathroom requires two (2) – three (3) dedicated circuits for trouble-free operation and or, to meet today’s code. That’s why we offer our remodeling expertise to provide you a bathroom that addresses both your NEEDS and design taste. These photos show the Plumbing Wall that is usually found between the Bathroom and Kitchen. A wider common wall used is generally used to house most if not all of the plumbing for both rooms, so chances are your bathroom and kitchen plumbing are one in the same, sharing many of the same water supply lines, main waste lines, drains and vents.

At the end of the remodel, you can expect our work to be neat and exceed the typical bath remodel. You can rest assure that in every project we handle, we strive to deliver a consistent flawless end-result because we know it’s not only the big things or the things you see that make the job, it’s the little finishing touches, extra care and what you can’t see that deliver the best results with trouble-free operation for decades to come.

How much of the Remodeling Cost Can I expect To Recoup If I Sell My Home?


We’ve provided the chart below to show the average price and Return On Investment (ROI), or resale value, of remodeling or adding a bathroom in NY as opposed to the National Averages. Obviously there are many variables so each individual job cost will vary, but this will get you in the ballpark.