House Renovations in Deer Park, NY

house-renovationsYou just purchased a house and it was a great deal, but now you have to contend with all that work that awaits you to turn your new house into your home! No need to worry because Constructive Design Inc. (CDI) is here to help! As an award winning and reputable contractor in the home improvement and remodeling industry, we provide complete house renovations and home improvement services. Whether your house is older or newer, it is our passion to work with our customers to bring their dreams and visions to fruition. We are a professional, hands on company, and we take pride in all that we do. We are always available to discuss any aspect of your job, from answering questions, to addressing concerns or making changes. We also have a team of skillful and experienced subcontractors that we have fully vetted and have been working with for years, so you can rest at assured knowing your home is not only safe but the job will be performed to our high standards, transforming your home into a stunning, well built, and safe environment for you and your family.

From design to construction, we can provide our combined know-how and years of experience to make a plan that fits your lifestyle, budget and schedule. Rest assured that we are here to listen to your ideas and maximize your vision by guiding you through the entire process. At CDI, our goal is not only to provide you a beautifully, well renovated home but to forge lasting relationships for years to come…and that can’t be accomplished by doing anything other than a great job!