Quality Custom Sheds in NY

Additional space is something MOST of us need MORE of. A shed fills a lot of those needs. The lawn equipment, snow blower, fertilizers, summertime pots and lawn ornaments, all of them can come out of the garage and into the shed freeing up a ton of space in the garage. Where have you been storing your outdoor furniture? All that and More can now be stored away in a custom built shed by CDI. Not only will we custom build it to your wants, needs and specifications, we also make sure the security, safety and condition of all your important stuff is safe and secure, which may not always be the case with a poorly-built shed. Constructive Design recognizes the important role of sheds in preserving and protecting all of your tools, equipment and outdoor furniture.

What’s The Difference Between a CDI Custom Built Shed and The Box Store Sheds?

With all the Big Box stores selling lesser quality sheds, this has become a specialty item for of us. You may be appalled at the way many of these types of sheds are built…corners are cut wherever they can and unless you know how to build a house, chances are you will never know the difference until the shed fails to keep out the elements or doesn’t stand up to time. So, if you want to pay for a shed once and have it last as long as your home, that’s when you call us. At CDI, we’ve built all of our sheds as if we are building a home, the framing is spaced the same, felt paper and ridge vent is used on the roof, housewrap is used under the siding…many, (if not all), of the Big Box store sheds do not have ANY of this! After a while they succumb to moisture damage and rot and then you’re buying another. CDI will custom build your shed to whatever dimensions and specifications you wish and customize the design to match your home or however you wish. Inside-out, all custom sheds that we build are functional and designed to organize your yard tools, patio furniture, and all your other equipment. Then, for the interior, we can add electric for lighting and receptacles, add organization systems such as built-in cabinets and shelving to prevent your stuff from cluttering your new shed or piling up on the floor. As always, at CDI our goal is to provide you with quality craftsmanship and value for your dollar, so expect less than a well built, long lasting shed as simple or as customized as you want. Give us a call today for a free consultation.