Are you tired of your old, dark and dismal basement? Looking to expand your living space? Need additional income from an apartment rental? Does your existing apartment need to be remodeled? If so, let Constructive Design, Inc. (CDI) design and show you the possibilities.

With CDI by your side, you can see how to maximize space in your home. Based on your concepts and requests, we can transform your basement into a lively recreational area, a more organized space for storage or a new source of income.

Employ our experience, knowledge and know-how to guide you throughout the process…from planning and design to construction and completion. Finishing basements are more complex than people think, especially when it comes to the utilities in most basements. When you finish a basement, there are code requirements that come into play, the electrical panel, the boiler/furnace room, etc., not abiding by these codes have the potential to cause hazardous conditions.

CDI will not only transform your basement to meet your needs, we will do so by navigating the complexities in basement finishing delivering you a beautiful and safe environment!