At Constructive Design, Inc., (CDI) we believe that the right flooring options can greatly influence your overall living environment. There is a wide variety of flooring to choose from, and with our help we can choose a design that complements the color and style of your home interior.

A hardwood floor can lend to the warmth of your home, it’s durable and can be refinished any times for decades to come. Tile is great for high traffic areas, kitchens and bathrooms…wherever maximum stain protection and water resilient floors are required. Pre-engineered, pre-finished and laminate flooring all have their benefits as well. At CDI we can help you decide which is best for your application. All have virtually limitless styles and designs to fit perfectly with your living space.

New flooring is another one of those renovations that transform the entire look of the home and can be a huge undertaking…besides moving furniture, you can be displaced from your bedrooms as well…CDI will make this process as painless as possible leaving you with nothing short of a beautiful floor and rave reviews from friends and family!