Aside from the boost in your home’s curb value, expertly installed roofing and siding can also make your home safe from the elements and more energy efficient, ensuring long lasting protection and savings for you and your family. If you are in need of roofing and siding services, it is important that you choose the right company to provide you with the information necessary for you to choose the proper roofing or siding system.

Siding - charteroak-smallThrough the years, roofing has changed and evolved in leaps and bounds, no longer is there just a shingle, now…it’s a roofing system,” with many components that comprise the system. Constructive Design, Inc., (CDI) understands the difference between installing shingles as opposed to installing a roofing system.

The manufacturer will or will not warranty an installation if it is not done correctly. Also, depending on how many components you use, you receive better and longer warranties with certain manufacturers.

Being an award winning company that provides reliable home renovation services, CDI will deliver a first class job when it comes to enhancing your home’s exterior, while helping you choose the right system for your home. Allow our experience to provide you with a job that maximizes the manufacturer’s warranty and provide you with piece of mind.