The following are the Terms and Conditions coupled with the services that you can avail at Constructive Design. At the same time, each article explains the rights and obligations of both our customers and our company, payment terms, materials, as well as the exceptions and limitations of our services.

All agreements listed below are compliant with both local and national legal standards.

  1. Contract

Upon signing our home reconstruction contract, you are giving your full agreement and approval on our project proposal, which includes the estimates, the description of the entire renovation process and the overall cost and breakdown of payments. Clients must read all the details in the contract carefully, to avoid any miscommunication or breach of contract. Our contracts accurately and sufficiently define all the necessary aspects encompassed in our projects, and Constructive Design should therefore not be held liable for the client’s irresponsibility and failure to understand or examine the details of the said agreement.

  1. Participants

In order to secure the success of each of our home renovation projects, the full cooperation and involvement of the following individuals is needed:

  • Client
  • Contractors
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer

The exact number of employees to be deployed will depend on the scope thereof of the whole project, from the inspection to the design and construction.

  1. Prices and Terms of Payment

Naming the price for the project and the materials to be used is the duty of our contractors. The final pricing will be calculated and based on the specific estimates, or on the contractor’s Account Rate Card, if deemed applicable for the undertaking.

Meanwhile, the terms of payment to be followed must be in accordance with what was agreed upon by the client and the contractor, as well as the requirements of the renovation requested by the customer.

  1. Revision of Project Details and Renovation Requests

If the client decides to apply changes or revisions on any part of the renovation process previously agreed upon by both parties, it should be cited clearly on a written change order, with specifications on the materials and other supplies that the modification entails. Otherwise, the company will not, under any circumstance, adhere to sudden alterations especially while the construction is ongoing.

  1. Project Duration and Delays


Constructive Design’s employees strictly follows schedules and deadlines in completing our tasks and projects. In line with that, all weather conditions, unforeseen emergencies and other natural or environmental occurrences which may heavily affect the project and cause delays, is beyond our control. Furthermore, all revisions signed and duly recognized by the company and the customer will also prolong the accomplishment of the project.

  1. Facilities and Materials

Our contractors and architects will determine the precise brand, type and quality of the materials to be used since we have established partnerships with other high end companies and suppliers. Clients must see to it that a proper storage area is provided for all contractor’s equipment and supplies, including adequate and strong supply of water and electricity, to avoid unwanted damages and maintain excellent outputs for the project.

  1. Client and Company Liability

The client is responsible for any damage, accident or loss of property resulting from the negligence of their duties and obligations. The client must move their properties and prepare the project site prior to the start of the reconstruction. They should also apply all necessary precautions to preserve the quality of their belongings, and inform their neighbors regarding possible disturbances that may occur while the project is still ongoing.

The company is liable for the loss and damage of the client’s properties, as well as injuries or death following irresponsibility, negligence and reckless behavior of the contractor as well as all other involved employees. However, we are not responsible for any alterations or destruction of belongings caused by the client’s servants or relatives.

  1. Insurance

Our insurance policy complies with both local and national standards and regulations. This also helps cover any loss to our company’s property, equipment while protecting our clients and covering any wreckage on the client’s home as a result of our employees’ irresponsible conduct.

  1. Termination of Agreement

The company deserves the right to terminate agreements and contracts, especially if mandated by the court or any public authority. This will also apply to any breach of contract, client negligence and other unresolved issues that directly and indirectly affect the success of the renovation project.